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Choosing The Perfect Baby Name

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baby names
Choosing a baby name can be one of the most fun and challenging aspects of having a new baby. Your baby's name would be an introduction to the type of person she or he is - for example, is your baby girl 'Lily', or is she 'Rose'? 'George' or 'William' in your baby boy? Should your child's name mean 'strength' or 'will', or is the name not important?

Parents, grandparents, friends, siblings, and family will share your advice and ideas in finding a name for your child. Chances are you'll spend hours trying to name that perfect baby and you'll change your mind more than once. But eventually, you will find some names that you like best.

Once you get some different names, you can ask friends and family which name they like. You can compare your list to the top 100 baby names of the decade or the most popular names of a specific year - maybe you want a popular baby name or maybe you prefer a unique name. Eventually, you will find the right baby name, and it will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment for both you and your child.

Choosing a Popular Name for Your Child

Today's favorite names may or may not be around tomorrow. While some names have proved the test of time, others have come and gone like leg warmers. An easy way to determine if a name has the staying power is to simply review the top 100 names of the year using this site. We list the top 100 children's names by year, for the last 125 years. It can be fun to choose a very popular name today, it may mean that your son or daughter will be one of many in their classes. This is not necessarily bad, but something to consider when choosing that perfect baby name.

Choosing a Baby Name with True Meaning

A great way to find the name of an ideal child is to understand the meaning of the name. You can find the meaning of the correct baby name by using one of two methods: 1) you can see the meanings of your favorite names, and / or 2) you can take the babinemus test. The test helps you find the right baby name for words that you believe are important or words that you want your future child to possess - such as love, or gentle, or intelligent.

The test will allow you to choose meanings that are important and / or important to you - whether it is a trait you find admirable, or one in which you want your future child to succeed in life.

Searching for baby names using name origin / ethnicity / religion

One of the most common methods for selecting a child's name is to use the origin and / or ethnicity of the child's name. This will give the child an immediate source of identity and an understanding of the culture and origins of the child's family heritage.

In some religions, like Judaism, it is common to name a child after a deceased family member who has passed on to loved ones. In many cases these names were from a different generation (see Top 100 Baby Names at Year, Top) and may be 'out of style'. If this is the case, then the middle names are the correct solution.

Choose a baby name for each sex - so whatever the baby, you are ready.

Once you get the news that a new baby is coming, it will be time until you can determine the sex of the baby - if you are considering finding out (for consideration Food - There is no better surprise, and there is nothing worth waiting for.). Having a boy's name and a girl's name is a great start.

Naming the child after the parent - either the same name, or the full name

For your baby boy to become a junior (junior), or 'II' (second), the full name must be the same as the father's. The father is senior (senior), the son becomes junior. For example, John William Smith names his son John William Smith, father is Senior / I, son is Junior / II. If the son is the third generation to receive the name, the baby boy usually becomes III (third).

 Make sure you want to name your child, or name the baby after the parents - this can increase confusion. If you know that you want to name the child after the parent, then choosing a unique middle name may be the right solution.

Your child will have to live with this name for a lifetime.

The name you choose for your child (and future child / adult) should be happily worn. Will family, friends and one day, employers take 'notice' for the wrong reasons? Remember, children can be cruel - don't make life more challenging than it should be.

Choose a baby name that you are proud of, and make you smile.
Naming your child after family and friends, which holds a special place in your heart, is a great place to start. Do their special features make you want to carry your child - choosing a name that means something special is also a great idea.

Make sure the full name (first, middle and last) sounds good together.

Say the child's name out loud - is it easy or difficult to say the name? Choose a name that flows well together. Stay away from jim shu (jim shu) or such names, when piking together can have an alternate meaning.

Write the full child's name below - along with the initials of all names.
If the initial words of your child's name form another word - make sure which result you are comfortable with. For example James Earl Thompson (Jet) may be acceptable, but think twice about names like Daniel Irving Petty (DIP).

spell it!! When writing the name, was it difficult to spell and / or say? If you had problems, you may want to reconsider the name.
baby names

Nicknames are unavoidable.

When your child attends school, joins a sports team or club, chances are a nickname may be behind. Some nicknames may be dear, but others may not be what you had in mind when naming your child. Many times, Alan Jackson results in AJ - make sure it's acceptable, many times, it's ultimately out of parental control.

Naming your child after a sports figure, movie star, or political hero
Make sure you want to go this route before naming your child. While the name may be beautiful - it can be highly popular. Or, if the person falls out of favor, it may be the result of giving the name a negative stigma.

Naming multiple babies

If you are going to have more than one child in your family, there are some things to consider. Naming can be confusing with first, first beginners - for you, babies and future teachers. You can consider choosing different habits - giving each child a unique name.

Secondly, choosing different initials can make things easier when accepting your children's initial gifts. If each child's name has the same letter - it will be difficult to determine which gifts belong to which child. It will only get more challenging.

Religious and traditional views

Some families have a tradition of passing names from generation to generation. Make sure you check with both parents' families first. In addition, some religions do not allow children to be named after surviving family members. Be sure to check your religious beliefs as well.

Select several names for your child.

Chances are, you and your partner, your family, and everyone else will have a different name in mind. Although the decision ultimately comes down to parents, keep your mind open for suggestions. This will not only help you choose the best name for your child, but it will make your life easier.

What if there is a pet with the same name that we wanted to name our child.
Unless the name is Fido or Spot - we won't worry too much about it. We had a dog named Jordan (after Michael Jordan), and I have met many others named Jordan.

It is inevitable that someone has named a dog, cat, fish or rabbit exactly what you believe in for your child. If you love the name - don't look back.

I have a friend / family member who is considering my child's name.

There are some things you can do. If the person is about to proceed with the name, you may need to make a new selection (or try to talk with them). Or you can find the meaning of the name, and see if another name with the same meaning is appealing to you.

For you parents who still want to choose a name for your child - you should learn from this lesson. You may want to keep your favorite names a secret - or only share them with people who are 1) never going to have children or 2) you can definitely trust them. Well-liked and / or unique names can become very popular, very quickly.

I like the name - but not the others.

Two points on it.

1. If the opinions of these people mean something to you, then it is up to you and your partner whether you change your mind to the opinions of other people. If their points are valid - it may be worth listening to the person. See 'Choosing a Name'

2. You will not always be crazy about the name you choose for your child. If you are happy with your choice - tune the person. If that doesn't work, then say thank you for sharing your opinion with them, and name your child what you wanted anyway.

I like a baby name - my partner likes a different name.

There are many things that you can do to compromise.

1. One of you chooses a first name, the other can choose a middle name - or a nick-name for the child.

2. Each of you can choose some names you like, and see if one of those baby names makes you happy.

3. If you are planning to have multiple children, you can choose the name of the child. You can choose the first child's name, and your partner can choose the next child's name. Be aware - if you decide to do it this way, none of you can be happy about the name of the next child.

4. Dart Board - Put different baby names on a dart board (or something like that), and throw away! If that doesn't work, try the 'flip-a-coin' method.
baby names

My partner wants to name the child after a family member - but I don't really care for the name (or family member).

Integrity is usually the best policy in most cases. If you are not thrilled with the name that your partner has chosen for a child, see the article 'I like a child - my partner likes a different name'. Here are ideas that will help.

One suggestion: It would probably be best if you didn't tell your partner that "you don't like the name they choose". It would be easier if you just say, let's consider that name, and also give some options.

Or, if your partner insists on that particular name, you may want to use it as the child's middle name.


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